Poetry Machine


Doctor S.


  • Generate pairs of rhyming words on a theme of your choice! Marvel at the poetic creativity of a strange, inhuman intelligence!
  • It's generally best to use lowercase, unless it's a proper name like 'America.' If you're using a cellphone, autocorrect may mess that up.
  • Try switching the order of the two rhyming words in your head, because it is just writing the two words in a pair in alphabetical order.
  • The best results are usually near the top. It has a bad tendency to stick with variations of one word sometimes. This will be fixed in a later version.


cowboy: colorado desperado

llama: coat goat

Star_Wars: groovy movie, halloween onscreen, iconic hypersonic, cute reboot, droid overjoyed, etc...

friar: yeast priest, barbarian seminarian

spaceship: moon balloon

pillow: head bed

trampoline: elastic gymnastic

rocking chair: knitter sitter

weed: vegetation eradication

novel: fiction depiction

juice: dilute fruit

cookie: naughty biscotti

Oreo: black snack

orca:dalmation cetacean

Mad Max: futuristic sadistic

oven: boiler broiler, roaster toaster

clock: chimes times

stopwatch: clocks jocks, elapse laps

dragon: wizard lizard

Lost_Ark: horror explorer

brain: logical neurological

Lincoln: desegregation oration

Beatles: guitars superstars

honey: bees cheese

flower: bloom perfume, frilly lily

Clinton: she nominee

sun: skylight twilight

Bollywood: Hindi indie, Delhi telly

It doesn't always work, but if you look through them you can usually find one that works pretty well. They sometimes call these "Hink Pinks" although those usually have the same number of syllables in both words. Another way to use this would be for ideas for the end of lines of a poem with a rhyme scheme.

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